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« le: Janvier 08, 2018, 06:06:46 »

Data migration is becoming the need of the hour for the business organizations today. Although the whole concept and process of data migration is indispensable but as mostly the businesses rely on com****r systems , data migration becomes a common need. With every updates and upgrades comes a question, whether or not to transform data? The complicated and unfortunate answer in most of the cases is yes. Data migration is complicated and problematic as well. As data migration requires all the systems to shut down while transforming data, the complication occurs. The main complications are the various difficulties involved in the whole data migration process. Let us discuss the complications in detail:

1. Business difficulties and complications

There are several difficulties that business can face due to data migration.

Profitability can be at a huge problem. Even today , one of the biggest challenges that the business has to tackle is meeting the budget requirements. Data migration is no different. It also requires the businesses to incur cost. There are two types of cost including direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are the foreseen costs but indirect costs are the unpredictable costs that depend on the consequences of troubles that migration process may offer.

Reputation is another challenge when migrating data. Reputation can be at stake if the data migration goes tremendously wrong. Hiding minor issues is possible but no company can hide major problems from media that occurred as a result of data migration.

Regulation is the third business challenge that makes the whole process of data migration even more complicated. The enterprises store data of their loyal customers. For instance, banks have the highly confidential financial details of the account holders. Companies end up paying huge compensations to the legal authority of the country if they fail managing the security of data that has been migrated.

2. IT difficulties and complications

There are several IT-related complications that arise in the while process of data migration

Data loss is the biggest complication and a nightmare for any business. With every transfer of data comes the complication or problem of losing it forever. In such a serious case the whole process of migration would be a failure as the data that left the origin did not reach the destination.

Application stability is yet another complication. Even though the transfer of data was successful and there was no loss in data but still the target system faces a huge problem of harm and damage. The stability of the system may be hampered provoking several other issues.

Cut-over aborts are really challenging complications that have been haunting several companies for a long time now. Cut-over abort issues may cause a lot of errors even if the migration seems t pave accomplished properly.

3. Migration difficulties and complications

The most important challenges that the company has to carefully manage are the actual data migration difficulties and complications.

Completeness difficulties are the most complicated ones. The more the number of business objects the more complicated the migration becomes. The more the objects the higher is the problem of incompleteness.

Semantic difficulties are the complications that may arise due to not paying attention to the meaning of the expressions that are there in the data being migrated. For instance currency name, data format or any other unit can have different meanings. If the two systems have different meaning for these expressions , there are huge chances that the migrated data do not make any sense in the targeted system. What may look same may not be same anymore.

Corruption difficulties are the biggest complications that come along with data that is migrated. The difference in the data models between the origin and the target system’s applications is the main cause of such complications. If there was a corruption or corrupted data model that got transferred there is huge possibility that it might not run in the target system as it is corrupted.

Stability difficulties are another complication if the data is getting transferred from instable to reliable systems. Even though there are bunches of improvements such migrations lead to difficulties too. The stability of targeted system is one of them. How To Get Top quality Motorcycle Leather Jackets Waugh Molly
Submitted 2014-02-22 09:55:24

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