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Décembre 12, 2018, 19:38:01
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« le: Janvier 08, 2018, 08:59:55 »

Today, after 25 years at WTVT Ch. 13 and 40 in the broadcasting business, she's signing off for the last time.

White, 60, is looking forward to mentoring fifth grade girls, taking art classes and spending time with her family. She talked to the Tampa Bay Times about her long career at Fox 13.

I didn't have the word for it. What I knew was that I wanted to be relevant, that I wanted to help people, and I believed that information was power. Eventually, I came to journalism once I got into college (at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.).

What were your goals when you started out 40 years ago?

I'm a child of the '60s, so we were all of cheap jerseys a mind that you needed to be Black Friday Deals for Cheap & Wholesale Jerseys socially and politically aware. All of that was a tumultuous time for us. We were participants. Busing was coming into being. That's who I am.

What was it like to be a young African American woman entering the industry?

Not just a young African American woman   a young woman, period. At my first broadcast station, I was the only woman and the only black person. That was during a time in which they were just opening the doors.

One time when I was in Orlando, I was working at night, the only woman, the only minority. I could hear the guys talking. They're very relaxed because it's the end of the day, the last show has gone on, and they're talking kind of raunchy and kind of rough. I'm sitting there, and I think, I'm just going to stand up at the worst moment. And I did. Their mouths just dropped open.

In those early days, people would see through you. You're there, but you're not really there. You're dismissed because, well, you're not part of the club. They treated me quite differently after that.

What was it like to join Fox 13 alongside Kathy Fountain in 1990?

We were the first female anchor team in the market. We just clicked. It was just a fabulous, fabulous ride   20 years of real, genuine friendship.

The two of us talked about race together and how our friendship worked, coming from a black perspective, a white perspective. One thing she said that I have always loved and kept close to my heart is, "You provide for me a safe place that I can talk about my feelings without being judged." I think that added to our friendship and the camaraderie that people experienced on air.

What were your favorite projects over the years?

I loved covering the Black History stories in February. What I loved about them was finding those gems in the community, people who made a difference in history that we didn't know very much about. I thought that was a great service for everybody, not just the black community.

Finding rare video of the first group of black paratroopers, finding people who were part of the Freedom Rides, finding a black doctor who was a leader in transplantation.  Talking to the first black police officers in Tampa and learning what they went through before the doors finally opened. All of those things are incredibly helpful and important because if you don't know your history, you are doomed to repeat things.

What will you miss most about your job?

I will miss most just coming into this newsroom every single day and exchanging ideas and debating topics and being involved in news gathering.

I will miss my current co anchor, Cynthia Smoot. She has a great sense of humor and is a passionate animal lover. She will allow me to make fun of her and her animal stories sometimes, and she's always gracious. It's important that we all don't take ourselves too seriously. I'll miss Paul (Dellegatto); he's just fantastic. I'll miss Chip Carter. We're all family at 5 o'clock.

How did you know it was time to retire?

I had lunch with (late former Fox 13 reporter) Warren Elly right after he got his cancer diagnosis. He was such a fantastic reporter. He said, "Don't wait too long to smell the roses." That stuck with me. This is a good time, I think, to leave. I don't want to overstay my welcome, you know. I'm a Southerner.

How do you want viewers to remember you?

The comments on my Facebook page NFL Jerseys Cheap and Authentic Online have been tremendous. People say, "you're gracious," "we'll miss your laugh," "we'll miss your humor." I think that's a great legacy. To me that says, "You're a friend." I can't think of a higher compliment.

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