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Décembre 16, 2018, 14:59:34
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« le: Avril 29, 2018, 08:21:47 »

Nothing takes me back into my own youth more than the gentle guitar strumming that opens Maplestory's login screen music. But as I nostalgically reflect upon my bygone youth spent within this virtual idyll, I can't help but remember one specific aspect of the game--that the economy has been completely fucked. You believed the GFC was bad? Maplestory took it into a whole new level.

Like most of MMORPGS, Maplestory is premised around levelling up. Since you progressed, you gained access to better items, which means that you could fight stronger monsters and research more harmful regions with much more rewarding item drops.

On paper, the higher level you were on, the greater of Maplestory you can like. Just 1 catch--only because you were on a specific degree, didn't mean that you could afford everything that amount gave you access to. In order to create any meaningful progression in the game, you needed to have an ample supply of the in-game money, known as Mesos.

As a beginner, your in-game income is dependent largely on monster falls and completing quests. Early game, this works perfectly fine, especially since all of the armour and weapons you need can be bought from NPC shops with prices which never change (a kind of government cost control possibly?) But after you pass a certain point, the equips you'll need are no longer carried in NPC stores, and can only be accessed either by massacring swathes of a specific monster expecting one of them will fall exactly what you want, or by visiting the Free Market and hoping someone is selling what you need at a price you can afford. On the other hand, the income you generate from questing and monster drops is not enough for the absurd prices on the Free Market. This is where the problems begin.
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